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Tsendze is a unique and scenic campsite in northern Kruger. It provides a rustic camping experience with modern amenities like its gorgeous outdoor showers. The campsite attracts abundant wildlife, making it a birder paradise with sightings of birds like hornbills, barbets, owls, and franklins. We stayed several days at Tzendze with plenty of wildlife entertainment within the campsite.

What’s hot

  • Wild Camp with luxury
  • Spacious and clean campsites
  • Trees, owls and squirrels
  • Out door showers

What’s not

  • Check-in was at Mopani Lodge
  • Off the Grid which we love


Tsendze Campsite Review

Tsendze is a must for anyone looking for a different campsite experience compared to the more common options in the area. The rustic and natural setting provides a peaceful backdrop for taking in the sights and sounds of the surrounding wilderness.

With basic amenities and creature comforts, Tsendze offers a balance of outdoor camping adventures while still providing necessities like showers and wash facilities.

The diversity of bird life and the potential for interesting wildlife sightings make it a prime destination for nature lovers. Its location on the edge of the Mopani woodland allows for a different landscape and environment compared to the more forested areas in the south.

During our stay, we were visited by a pair of red-billed hornbills who would land on our car and tap on the mirrors. Just across from our campsite, a family of yellow-crested barbets was nesting in a hole in a tree. The adult birds continuously flew back and forth, bringing food to the nest and removing debris. Although we weren’t able to spot their young just yet, the dedicated parenting of the barbets was a delight to observe.

A Front Row Seat to Wildlife

Our campsite, number 14, provided an up close and personal experience with the local wildlife. Throughout the day, squirrels, mongoose, and franklins visit our tent, pecking and scratching at the ground just outside our door flap.

We set up our tent under the shade of a large tree, which helped keep things cool during the hot midday hours. At night, we could hear the scurrying of small feet and brush of tails against the tent walls as the nocturnal residents came out to forage.

Falling asleep to the sounds of wildlife rustling just outside made us feel truly embedded in the African landscape.


Campsite Management

Helena is the caretaker of the Tsendze campsite. She does daily rounds to check on all the campers and ensure everyone has what they need. You can count on seeing Helena’s friendly face every morning as she makes her way around the camp greeting guests.


Game Viewing in Northern Kruger

Game viewing around Tsendze in northern Kruger offers a distinctly different safari experience compared to the parks’ southern region.

A leopard was sighted right outside the Tsendze gate but the landscape consists of more open grasslands punctuated by clusters of mopane trees, providing the perfect habitat for certain wildlife species.

In addition to prolific general game, keep an eye out for special northern species that occur less frequently in the south, like roan and sable antelope, tsessebe, and eland. The Tsendze area offers fine sightings of buffalo and all of the Big Five if you are lucky.

With its distinctive landscape and diversity of wildlife, game viewing around Tsendzi offers a memorable northern Kruger experience.


Photography from Tsendze

The landscape around Tsendze provides excellent backgrounds for wildlife photography with its contrasting features of Mopani trees, grassy plains, and watering holes. If you get lucky with animal sightings against these backdrops, you’ll be able to capture some breathtaking photographs.

With some patience and creativity, Tsendze gives you the chance to get stunning wildlife shots worthy of National Geographic against these quintessential African backdrops. Don’t forget extra camera batteries and memory cards!

Mopani Lodge is located about 8km from Tsendze campsite.

Tsendze Wild Camp Gallery

We enjoyed this wilderness campsite, it was an unique experience. We were seeking something different, We had Squarrels eating out of our hand, birds sitting picking out car window and Barbets nesting in the tree. Two different Owls, you almost didn’t have the need to go for a gamedrive, with its diversity of wildlife, amenities, and stunning views. What a treat!

Tzendzi barbet ls

Tsendze  Information


  • 30 Campsites
  • Communal Ablutions
  • 2 Outdoor Showers
  • Max 6 people per campsite
  • Gas Geysers
  • Solar powered Lights
  • Two communal refrigeration facilities
  • No portable generators allowed
  • No Plug points

Campsite Features

  • BBQ Facility
  • Garbage Bin
  • Tap between 3 sites
  • Allocated Sites


  • English
  • Afrikaans

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