About us

It started off with a dream and then a name 'go and beyond’ became our new signature. We hope you join us on our journey and enjoy our range to share on yours.

We love to travel, it doesn’t matter where. A simple road trip, a cottage in the mountains or camping deep in the african bush. From boarding a plane to an exotic destination to relaxing on a deserted beach. We love it all, the different cultures, the people we meet and the new experiences that paint our world with colour and texture. 

Our friends say “we know how to travel” and we take that as a compliment!

Our ideas are simple, based on quality, it’s the comforts that we collect that turn our travels into a home.

We have selected some unique brands, brands that have a story. Brands that are backed by people like us, who have a social conscience and are environmentally aware. We want to support unique ideas that are practical and small business who own their story and their craft.


goandbeyond Philippa Logan and Pink van Hoek


go and beyond