Leopard Trail



What a breathtaking hike!


As we embarked on our Leopard Trail hiking adventure, we looked up and couldn’t believe where we were going, a beautiful and daunting vertical climb that seemed to reach the sky. The height of it all was both exhilarating and challenging, but the breathtaking views that awaited us made every step worth it. As we pushed ourselves to conquer this seemingly impossible feat, we couldn’t help but feel a surge of excitement and anticipation for what lay ahead.

We just had the most incredible adventure in the Cederberg! We were absolutely blown away by the wild beauty that surrounded us every step of the way. The challenging terrain pushed us to our limits, but let me tell you, the reward was beyond anything we could have imagined!

With every stride, we were greeted by awe-inspiring vistas that took our breath away. The feeling of accomplishment and pure joy was indescribable! And to top it all off, we had the privilege of conquering this amazing journey alongside our dear friends.

We faced what seemed impossible and came out victorious, creating memories that would last a lifetime. The Leopard Trail in Baviaanskloof is not just a hike, it’s an unforgettable journey of self-discovery and connection with nature.

If you’re looking for an adventure that will challenge you, inspire you, and leave you in awe of the world we live in, then this is it!


The inviting plunge pools, both natural and man-made, at our accommodation, provide a refreshing oasis.

Bushman, foraging plants
Bushman sounds
Bushman Boy with a spear
Waiting for each other to reach the summit, only to discover it wasn’t the pinnacle we sought.
Bushman, how to start a fire
The tranquility of the camps and the splendor of the sunsets were absolutely captivating.
Bushman, save water in Ostrich shells

A soothing break to rejuvenate tired feet – and to take in the breath taking views.

Bushman, San People, old wise woman

The inviting accommodations were truly delightful, while the surroundings never failed to exceed expectations. The sunsets were mesmorising.

Bushman festivity

Daily, we are consistently amazed by the breathtaking beauty and incredible diversity of the mountains.

Bushman, foraging plants
Bushman sounds
Bushman Boy with a spear

More Information


The Leopard Trail is a moderately difficult hike with the longest day being 22km.  The route is designed for people with good hiking fitness. A maximum of 12 hikers is permitted on the trail at a time. The minimum number is 6. 

They transport your bags so you can walk with just a day pack with the essentials for a day’s hike. They provide plastic boxes, and you can put everything you want to be transported inside the boxes.

You have to bring all your food, drinks, and snacks, and they provide a small fridge and cooler boxes. You will need to take your own linen, sleeping bags, and pillow. 


  • Crates for your belongings
  • Transfer from the crates to the accommodation
  • Firewood
  • Braai area
  • Well equipped kitchens
  • Great ablutions
  • Great accommodation
  • Map 

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