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A Different Journey

Thanks for stopping by. We have started this as a journal to share our travel destinations and photography with our family and friends. We live in South Africa, it is a beautiful diversified country with so many magnificent travel opportunities. 

We are two ladies and we primarily travel in Africa. Most of our travels are done on a budget which encourages us to search for unusual places, so we have plenty of tips and tricks to share. We drive a 20-year-old Mitsubishi Pajero which is fondly known as the Pink Mobile.

During COVID, we were worried about travel, so we bought an empty Afrispoor 4×4 trailer and Pink slowly kitted it out during lockdown.  It is now a home away from home, and off the grid, enabling us to stay at some of the quieter campsites. This does not mean we pass up luxury accommodation if it is in our budget or it comes our way. 

Passion is our driver

We are both photography enthusiasts and love spending hours watching wildlife taking thousands of photos between us. It will be fun having a place where we can showcase some of the beautiful sightings. We both hope you enjoy following us on our journeys.

A quick Intro for those who are not friends or family yet!

Philippa Logan (Pips or Pippa) Originally from Zimbabwe but has spent the majority of her life in South Africa.
Has studied Fine Art, worked commercially, and co-owned a successful Design Studio.

Kathinka van Hoek (Pink) Originally from the Netherlands but through her love of Africa has spent 20 years in South Africa.
Has lived in the Netherlands, France, Nigeria, and South Africa. Kathinka is a talented interior designer and we have to say, a handywoman of note.